Innosuns International

In a globalized world, a company’s R+D+I challenge entails accessing new markets.

As the bridge between quality R+D+I and entry into the market, Innosuns’s personal focus is boosted by Innosuns International.

Innosuns International optimizes brilliant initiatives, increasing access to markets through the following channels:

- Technology transfer (Out-licensing).

- Searching for and negotiating with industry investors.

- Searching for and negotiating with foreign investors.

- Searching for distributors.

- Mergers and acquisitions.

We help you develop a strategy that makes it possible to adapt to international settings and internationalize your product, reducing costs and minimizing risks.

To achieve these goals, Innosuns International:

  • Manages and promotes the participation of Spanish companies in international programs focused on technological cooperation.
  • Collaborates with international agencies and bodies.
  • Identifies technological opportunities inside and outside the EU.
  • Designs/drafts feasibility and technological intelligence /market analyses.
  • Promotes cooperation through technology transfer agreements with third-party countries.
  • Targets technological / commercial partners with the aim of positioning technological innovations internationally.
  • Oversees the technical-economical evaluation and the R+D financing.
  • Sets up prospective technological missions and contacts with relevant institutions that promote innovation.

 - Similarly, Innosuns International actively promotes agreements with national and international entities to encourage knowledge and technology transfer among institutions and companies.