Innosuns Services

At Innosuns Services, we provide the necessary support for R+D+I to be transformed into real or spinoff projects, with a high rate of return.

Innosuns Services centers on two practice areas:

- Innosuns Communication

Our precise understanding allows us to effectively communicate on matters concerning technological innovations and their inherent peculiarities.

The requirements for adequate communication management are different depending on an innovation’s TRL.

Innosuns Communication handles the dissemination of these projects at every stage of their life cycle, emphasizing the innovation itself in all communications, thereby maximizing the expectations of technological innovation.

When a project is especially significant, Innosuns will offer to participate in the consortia as the entity in charge of communication and dissemination, in order to ensure that a project is fully understood.

- Innosuns Capital 

Innosuns Capital is committed to achieving the viability and consolidation of your R+D+I project.

We offer you our threefold approach to helping you raise capital:

Our Galvanization Funds: an advance-payment of funds charged to approved subsidies


We collaborate with investors and specialized institutions as alternative sources of financing (Crowdfunding, Business Angels, Venture Capital, Direct Lending, Investment funds...)

Export financing: extensive experience in international operations