H2020/CDTI Projects

H2020/CDTI Projects

Innosuns Projects strongly supports those teams and companies who wish to lead the market through innovation. We do so by adapting ourselves to the environment, beginning with a project’s conceptualization, moving on to maximizing the ways that the EU contributes to its development, and all the way through to its technological or commercial internationalization.

Throughout the process, Innosuns Projects targets the most feasible sources of capital so that a project always has enough funding to move ahead.


Our areas of expertise:

- Water and environment (circular economy)

- Bioeconomy (including agrifood)

- Health and Biotechnology


Innosuns Projects oversees the entire process of obtaining subsidies.

- Consortium agreements, if applicable.

- Handling of intellectual property rights. 

- Technical and administrative coordination.

- Document preparation.

- Monitoring of the project.

- Consortium meetings.

- Liaising with the European Commission. 

- Possibility of providing administrative and financial support to the consortium.

- If applicable, up-front payment of funds charged to awarded grants