Innosuns Capital

Innosuns is committed to innovation and technology. We help innovative companies make their projects a reality by securing necessary capital.

a) Our Galvanization Funds aim to secure a project’s viability through an advance-payment of subsidies, thus allowing companies to focus exclusively on project development. Approval of the subsidy, whether national or European, is the only requirement for a relevant innovation project to gain access to those funds.

b) Innosuns looks for the most suitable financing, regardless of a project’s particular phase.

Innosuns actively collaborates with:

- Crowd-funding and crowd-lending platforms.

- Specialized Business Angels.

- Investment funds and Venture Capital.

- Direct lending entities.

Innosuns identifies a project’s most reliable sources of equity and debt, and helps negotiate with investors in order to secure the most advantageous conditions that make a company’s growth and sustainability possible.

c) When companies export, knowledge of the financial mechanisms required to carry out operations abroad is essential. Innosuns obtains the right financing both in Spain and in the companies where those operations will take place, thereby optimizing chances of success.